Vidya Chetna

“Preserving our mother-tongue, while focusing on excellent holistic development for all our children is important to the development of India”

Studies show that children learn faster when taught in their mother-tongue. Thus vernacular schools play a very important role in a diverse country like India. With the challenges of rising dropout rates in schools, shutting down of vernacular schools and lack of attention to academically weaker students,P.Swamiji decided to start ‘Vidya Chetna’.

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“We aim to nurture the children of Anand Ashram with love and care. We will provide them with the means to become skilled and independent working citizens of the country.”
Anandashram 2

   The north-east is a beautiful place with scenic mountains and lots of greenery. But these mountains and hilly regions itself have made it difficult to develop good roads and infrastructure. Some children walk 2 hours every day just to go to school, while some can’t. Thus getting a basic right to education becomes difficult. Lack of access to higher education, basic healthcare, food and water makes it very challenging to live in those villages. This has led to issues such as unemployment, poverty and even rise in crime rates.

     When Swamiji was exposed to these realities of the people in this part of our country, he firmly decided to put forward his helping hand. In order to bring about sustainable development in the households of these children, he started adopting them, to nurture them till they stand up on their own feet.

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Siddhagiri Gurukulum

“Vidhyadhanam Sarvadhanam pradhanam”
Gurkul 570x370

There was a time when India was known all over the world for its wealth of knowledge and institutions that provided this knowledge. But several incidents in history, led to destruction of our ancient and rich educational systems of ‘Gurukul’ like ‘Nalanda’ and ‘Takshashila’.

   In order to revive our ancient culture and with a vision to recreate an excellent education system,Swamiji started the ambitious project of ‘Siddhagiri Gurukulum’.Siddhagiri Gurukulum is now the biggest Gurukul of its kind in India with a residential program housing 300+ students.

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