Ideal Village Development


The Matha has adopted many villages in which the instructors of the Matha go and help the villagers organize the
village in a better way. Volunteers help them to properly sanitize their houses and the village. They teach them how to remain self-sufficient. Volunteers are assigned to help village children in education, in completion of their school work. Many villages like Chendur have become a model of village self-organization with the help of the efforts made by the Matha.
                                      Based on the concepts of organic farming and independent living, the Matha has prepared two villages Silkewadi and Kaneri as model villages. These two villages are free of evil social practices like animal sacrifice, addictions like drinking, smoking and gambling. The village is not mired in legal suits, like many other villages. The village chooses their Sarpanch unanimously like a U.S. jury. Most of the homes have toilet at home. The villagers are aware about issues such as education, culture and health. These villages present a model route for lakhs of other Indian villages.

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