Siddhagiri at Relief Work


The Matha works on how to manage natural and manmade disasters and is helping the nearby villages in coping
with these disasters. The Matha also sends volunteer teams to other parts of the country whenever a natural calamity
strikes. In the Bhuj earthquake of 2001, the Matha set its team for relief work. In 2006 the floods of Mumbai and in other parts in Maharashtra, the Matha again sent volunteer teams

                                               Maths relief work at  Nepal  Earthquake is appreciated by Nepal Government. In 2018 Matha have  severe flood affected Wayanad  district in Kerala. Responding to massive floods in Kerala,  Matha  have undertaken large-scale primary relief work to alleviate the suffering of people from those flood affected areas in  Wayanad  district.This includes providing cooked food, clothes and essential commodities. 

                                                        Siddhagiri Math have help people in Westren Maharashtra Flood. Math have sheltered  2000 flood victims at Math. For almost a month math have provided food for around 10,000 people also conducted more that 50 medical camps. Matha have build hundred of houses for those who loss thair homes in flood.  

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