Vidhya Chetana


      Studies show that children learn faster when taught in their mother-tongue. Thus vernacular schools play a very important role in a diverse country like India. With the challenges of rising dropout rates in schools, shutting down of vernacular schools and lack of attention to academically weaker students, Swamiji decided to start ‘Vidya Chetna’.

     Vidya Chetna started its journey under the leadership of Hon’ble Adrushya Kadsiddheshwar Swamiji, with 30 schools and 15 teachers with an objective to save the Marathi language by saving Marathi schools. With great determination and Swamijis vision, today Vidya Chetana is operating with an evolved and energetic approach towards solving a part of the education crisis in the country. Our fellows who support academically backward students from standards 2nd to 7th provide a holistic education with the focus on Marathi, English and Math.

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