Siddhagiri Goushala


To preserve the Indian breed of cows, Swami Ji established the Goushala of 600 cattle. Old, unwanted, sick and crippled animals are also adopted and served at Siddhagiri Goushala. This preservation of Indian breed of cows is indispensible for the health of land and human beings.

Swami Ji has made Siddhagiri Goushala a haven for indigenous breeds of cow. The Matha takes in sick and untended animals too and nurses them back to health. Swami Ji has also intercepted many truck convoys taking cows to a butcher’s shop. He takes these animals in Sidhagiri Goushala. The Matha is training famers for techniques in cow rearing. A lot of Indian breeds like Khillar, Sahiwal and Dangi are protected in the Siddhagiri Goushala.

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