Siddhagiri Matha believes in avoiding usage of chemical pesticides for lands. Farmers working on the land of the
Matha use cow dung and cow urine as fertilizers. SGF produces organic sugarcane, banana and vegetables by
organic procedure. These products are for the consumption of the Matha residents. Vermiculture is another method
which helps for organic farming.The Matha organizes training camps for farmers where they are made aware of the methods and techniques of organic farming.

   The Matha conducts seminars and train Organic Farming local farmers that how to do zero budget farming. Some of the organic fertilizers which the Matha recommends are: Dashaparni Arka, which is the arka made up of 10
different herbs which are found in forest. These herbs are dipped into water and kept for several days. This is efficient on crops like sugarcane and all vegetables. Organic Nitrogen also acts like fertilizer. Dead rotten fishes and sugarcane are mixed together and kept for several days. This provides ample of nitrogen to the field.

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