Sidhhagiri Museum


The biggest attraction of the Siddhagiri Matha is the Siddhagiri Museum. It is both a closed and an open-air museum which depicts village life as it was until 100 years ago. Much of that life has either already disappeared or is
disappearing. The idea behind the museum is to preserve the old way of life, and the style of living, for the posterity
to know.

The first part of the museum, which is indoors, depicts ancient India. It displays scenes from Indian ancient history
and mythology, showing great sages and scientists of India engaged in various activities. A large part of the museum in the open is dedicated to the village life as it was before the Mughal invasions. These exhibitions of life-like and life-sized statues are in the open. In the third section of the museum, various festivals of India and particularly of Maharashtra and Karnataka are depicted as they are celebrated.

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