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Shri Kshetra Siddhagiri Mahasansthan, Kaneri

Siddhagiri Math had been rigorously working towards the betterment of society for centuries with primary focus on village development.

Siddhagiri Matham

Siddhagiri Math in Kaneri, Taluka Karvir, District Kolhapur is the highest seat of the Kadsiddheshwar tradition. It is the place where the first Kadsiddheshwar Swamiji, Shri Niramay Kadsiddheshwar came and settled in 7th century C.E. Since then the Math has been guiding its followers in both spiritual and worldly matters. Siddhagiri Math is the Sthir Peeth of the Kadsiddheshwar Tradition. It was previously known as Kaneri math. Siddhagiri Math had been rigorously working towards the betterment of society for centuries with primary focus on village development. Competent villages lead to a competent Nation.


Siddhagiri math,through all its indigeneous, nature centric & sustainable initiatives intends to build healthy, competent, creative, civilized and concious society.

With this vision in mind, emphasis is given on toxin free yield, providing guidance & support to farmers. Lakhpati sheti and Siddhagiri Naturals are being the role models to be adopted. One of the Krishi Vidgyan Kendra (KVK) has also been established in the math province. Math is also actively promoting the importance of organic farming and desi cows. Desi cows have also been given equal importance, as if to have a good doctor for a family.

To provide better education facilities, various educational camps and science exhibitions had also been organized at Math every year. Vidyachetana is one such initiative helping ZP schools and their students excel. Siddhagiri Gurukulam is a perfect assimilation of our traditional ways of learning (Guru-Shishya parampara) and modern education system. Gurukulam is a place where learning is Happiness centric (Ananda Kendrit) and not money centric. To connect to our Cultural roots, Siddhagiri Museum has brought our indigenous ways of living to reality. It perfectly depicts how villagers were interdependent, but were independent collectively (a self-sufficient village).

Siddhagiri believes that, “Everyone has the moral right to avail modern healthcare facilities”. With this belief, Sidhagiri Aarogyadham, consisting of Siddhagiri Hospital & Research Center (SHRC) and Siddhagiri Ayurdham, is serving everyone with minimal or no cost. Yog-gram, Suwarna Bindu and other traditional practices have been encouraged for building a healthy lifestyle and preventing diseases.

As P.P. Shri. Muppin Kadsiddheshwar Swamiji Maharaj had envisioned, Siddhagiri Math has become Bhu-Kailasa(heaven on earth) for everyone.

established around the 7th century

Ancient Hemadpanthi Shiva Temple

from a spiritual center to a social institution

the wisdom and Guidance of 50 Mathadhipatis

Kadappa Mandir – Heritage

The Kadappa Mandir at Siddhagiri Math, Kaneri, have been here since the 7th century. Shri Swamiji performs pooja every pournima i.e. on full moon day before the satsang begins. Every Monday, Palkhi (procession) happens. Chatushakal Pooja is performed at this temple. Everyday daily practices such as - Kakad aarti, morning Bhajan, Afternoon Bhajan, Evening Bhajan are performed at the temple. Agnihotra is performed daily at the temple. Mahashivratri Utsav is one of the major festivals celebrated by Siddhagiri Math. This festival celebrated over 3 days. Devotees from different states, gather in large numbers during Mahashivratri Utsav and performs Abhisheka at temple. It is considered to be Jagrut Devsthan. Many come to fulfil their Navas(a vow).

Kadappa Mandir’s architecture looks majestic. The Shiva Linga had been established there in the 7th century. The outer edifices have been predicted to have built later, possibly in 12th century. The temple was initially built without a fence. Shirasangi Desai of the Belgaum district built this massive cladding in the 14th century to safeguard the Matha. Since then, the wall has been protecting the temple precincts. Before independence, it used to shut its gates at dusk and no one was allowed in after sunset. The temple has three entrances, unlike Dravida vimana architecture and more like nagara style of the north. At the centre, the garbhagriha, there is Shiva Linga with a Nandi Mandapa adjacent to the main temple.

Gurudev Dhyan Mandir – A place for Spiritual upliftment

Shri Adrushya Swamiji established the massive, elegant and peaceful Gurudev Dhyan Mandir(meditation temple) which is the samadhi place of 48th Mathdhipati PP Shri Muppin Kadsiddheshwar Swamiji Maharaj. Every Satsang program at Math starts with Aarati at Gurudev Dhyan Mandir. One should take blessings of his aaradhya Guru and start his work. And, PP Shri Muppin Kadsiddheshwar Swamiji Maharaj being 'Upasya Devta' of the Math, you can see this practice is being followed for years. Devotees from various parts of states like Maharashtra, Karnataka and Goa often visit the Dhyan Mandir to take blessings of Swamiji Maharaj and meditate. Devotees gathers in huge numbers during festivals such as Gurupournima & Guru-aaradhana, and make various offerings as per their faith.

Murti placed in the Gurudev Dhyan mandir (temple), is the living embodiment of Swamiji Maharaj. Core of Swamiji Maharaj’s teachings and discourses was Mi Aatma Aahe(I am that), means self-realization of being the ultimate divine. And, meditation is a way to attain it. A person can experience eternal bliss and feels rejuvenated performing Meditatoin(Dhyan) here, in presence of Swamiji Maharaj. It is been built to inspire an individual to walk on the path of Spiritual Upliftment through the practice of meditation.


Anna Chhatra is a place where the residents of the Math as well as visitors have Mahaprasad. It daily serves around 2000 to 3000 people. This is open for everyone without any distinction, which gives out strong message of ‘Samata’ and ‘Seva’. The concept behind the Anna Chhatra is to provide food to anyone hungry without any fees or questions. Many volunteers provide their service in cooking and serving the Mahaprasad. The visitors of the Siddhagiri Museum can also have Mahaprasad here. On the days of festivals, more than 50,000 people are served at Anna Chhatra.

One of the principle strictly followed here is – One can get Mahaprasad as much as he/she wants, but shouldn’t waste it. Amount of food wasted could’ve fed a starving person. Timings of serving food is between 11 am to 3 pm and 7 pm to 8 pm. Anybody can voluntarily opt to serve a day’s meal in Annachatra. Donation of Rs. 11,000/- is a cost of a day's food preparation. Abhishek is done at main temple in the name of food-donor.

Delightful Mahaprasada under clear sky

Timing – 11 AM to 3 PM & 7 pm to 8 pm

Serving to 3000 people daily

Healthy Food

Annachatra Donation

If any devotee donates Rs. 11000/- for Annachtram, then that day Shivlinga Pooja is performed on behalf of that donor. The name of the donor is published.

Shiv Nandi

Devotees and tourists' major attraction at the entrance of Siddhagiri Math premises, is Massive Shiv and Nandi statue amidst green dense coconut trees. Shri Swamiji Maharaj renovated the Kaneri Math and renamed it Siddhagiri Math. This 42 ft tall idol of a meditating Shiva with an equally massive Nandi in front, were also constructed during same period.

Awards and Honours

Honourable Mentions

Due to its contribution in various fields, the Siddhagiri Matha, its sister organisations and its stakeholders were bestowed with manifold laurels

Guinness World Record 2005

Tanaji Nikam, an agriculture supervisor was featured in Guinness World Records for growing the tallest paddy plant (Oriza Sativa) measuring 2.8m and tallest Red Gram

Travelers' Choice 2016

Siddhagiri Museum was bestowed with Travelers' Choice Awrad by Trip Adivisor

Maharashtra State Award 2016

The State Government of Maharashtra conferred the special award 'Krushi Bhushan Puraskar 2016' on Siddhagiri Math for various innovative initiatives in organic farming.

Siddhagiri Gurukul Foundation

Siddhagiri Gurukul Foundation, a Trust intends to serve the society in general through various social, educational, spiritual, and agricultural initiatives. Established on October 9, 1997, the Trust firmly believes in the tenets of ‘Knowledge’, ‘Truth’ and ‘Equality’ and accordingly makes no discrimination in its initiatives and programmes. Social welfare initiatives such as – Siddhagiri Hospital, Vidyachetana, Anandashram and Women Empowerment are just a few of the successful initiatives of SGF, focused on Village development.

Established In : 1997 Registration No. : E17180 (Mumbai)

SGF’s logo strongly upholds the tenets of ‘Knowledge’, ‘Truth’ and ‘Equality’. In Sanskrit, ‘Siddha’ means one who has achieved enlightenment and ‘Giri’ means a Mountain. India’s spiritual journey has been all about seekers seeking salvation through penance and meditation. At the end, as they transcend the ‘ahamkara’ (ego or I-maker), they become the enlightened masters who can guide the people on the right path. Sidhhagiri as an institution has been shaped up by such ‘Siddha’ masters for thousands of years. The mountain and the temple of Lord Mahadeva in the logo depict this essence of Siddhagiri Math and its journey.

Is a supreme knowledge.

Is unfolding the secrets of the ultimate truth - the only thing which remains unchanged i.e. Atman are explored and practiced here i.e. self-realization.

Serving all for equal Rights and Provisions without any discrimination in terms of cast, creed and gender.