Sumangalam Logo Inauguration Ceremony

25 Nov

DateFri 25 Nov 2022 - Fri 25 Nov 2022

Time04:00 PM to 08:00 PM

Unveiling of Sumangalam Logo Ceremony by the auspicious hand of Honorable Shri. Eknathji Shinde, Chief Minister of Maharashtra in the presence P.P. Shri. Adrushya Kadsiddheshwar Swamiji, Shri. Deepakji Kesarkar, Minister for Ministry of School Education (Maharashtra) and Ministry of Marathi Language, Shri. Udayji Samant, Minister for Ministry of Industries (Maharashtra). This event was organized at Panchaganga Nadi Ghat, Kolhapur, Maharashtra. Event started with Panchaganga Aarati by Honorable Shri. Eknathji Shinde and followed by unveiling of Sumangalam Logo. Honorable Shri. Eknathji Shinde, Honorable Shri. Deepakji Kesarkar and other honorable guests promised their extensive support towards making this Sumangalam Panchabhautik Mahotsav, a huge success.

Unveiling of Sumangalam Logo Ceremony - B News

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The entire universe is made of Space, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. If Pancha Mahabhoot elements are balanced and exist in their pure form then our life becomes blissful, meaningful and fulfilling. Shri Kshetra Siddhagiri Math has designed this festival in such a way that the common man becomes not only aware but also active in adherence to the concept of Panch Mahabhoot i.e. very much visible in the traditional lifestyle of India.