Bal-Chetana Shibir (Nurturing the Future Program)

07 Nov

DateSun 07 Nov 2021 - Mon 15 Nov 2021

Time05:00 AM to 08:00 PM

300 children will participate in the eight-day child awareness camp at Siddhagiri Math, Kolhapur. More than 20 teachers and 40 volunteers will participate in the camp. The program will include recitation of Sanskrit Shlokas, yoga, pranayama, cultural activities, lectures by subject matter experts on various subjects, diet based on organic food, indigenous sports and discourses by Shri Swamiji.

Siddhagiri Bal Chetana Shibir is a dynamic program that helps them get back to their childhood and equips them with the right tools to handle their responsibilities and stress in life. Pranayama and meditation helps them to get rid of their negative emotions. Each child become open to individual and group processes, with the teachers leading the sessions enthusiastically watching their participation.