Importance of Organic Farming

With an aim of introducing new and sustainable farming practices, Swamiji initiated the movement of

organic farming in Kolhapur district in 2008. Due to manifold farming malpractices, number of farmers

had lost the sight of using their livestock effectively. Across the nation, we have already lost, we are

continuously losing the indigenous breeds of cows. Number of 'Desi Cows' on the route of extinction

were rediscovered by Swamiji and given shelter at the Math. Over 30 breeds were brought under one

roof and their excrement was used as manure for the soil. The land which had lost its fertility due to

chemicals and fertilizers gradually regained its quality and productivity. By prohibiting the usage of

synthetic substances while farming and by encouraging the usage of the compost manure, soon farmers

started believing in the sustainability and self-sufficiency of the farming. Within no time, the vegetable

produce yielded here in Kolhapur received the much-needed appreciation from the marketplaces of the

metropolitan cities of Pune and Mumbai.

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Importance of Organic Farming
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