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रुग्णसेवा हीच खरी ईश्वर सेवा

Siddhagiri Hospital and Research Centre (SHRC) was established in 2010 amidst the hillocks of Kaneri village in the district of Kolhapur. The necessity of making medical facilities available to the marginalized section of the society was underscored for the first time by the late Shri Kadasiddheshwar Swamiji Maharaj. This dream was later fulfilled by his successor Shri Adrishya Kadasiddheshwar Maharaj. Villagers, devotees and many other inspired minds had come forward to contribute their bit for this noble deed. The large amount for building the hospital was raised from Siddhagiri Museum and still contributes to support the treatment of the needy.

Today, SHRC has been acknowledged as the premiere healthcare institution with the mission of providing all the modern healthcare amenities at affordable cost to 'ALL', irrespective of their religion, caste and class.

Unique Philosophy

Our Mission
'निराधारांना आधार' 
i.e. 'Hope to the Needy'

SHRC's 'charity wing' makes sure that the vulnerable section of the society is not deprived of any of the medical care. The wing ensures that the needy ones get all the assistance by availing various schemes such as, Rajiv Gandhi Jeevandayee Arogya Yojana, Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Yojana and Vajpayee Arogyashree Yojana. SHRC has been functioning on the basis of 'no profit - no loss' principle. Till date, over 2 lakh surgeries, free of cost, have been carried out at SHRC. This unique approach had forced competing hospitals in the vicinity to reconsider and restructure their 'price chart’ and improved the quality of the treatment of the patient.

Also, a team of doctors from SHRC regularly visit the surrounding villages and carry out a number of cancer detection and eye screening camps. The Mobile Eye-Care Unit of SHRC, till date has reached to more than 4600 people in 38 villages of Kolhapur and Belgaon district. Besides, camps for dental checkup, ECG checkup and neuro health checkup are also carried out regularly. Through its polio and squint treatment camp, SHRC doctors have treated over 500 patients free of cost.

In times of natural calamities, the medical team of SHRC has shown courage by providing the needed care at the respective disaster sites.

Services at Siddhagiri Hospital

Cardiac Care



MRI Scan

Operation Theater



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Facilities at Siddhagiri Hospital


SHRC has well equipped OPD and IPD facilities to treat various diseases and ailments. SHRC provides the facility of diagnosis, medical consultations with general physicians, dentists, pediatricians, specialists, Surgeons, and orthopedics, etc. OPD Schedule

Private & Luxury Rooms

The private rooms here house all the modern amenities that are necessary to comfort the patients and their kins. The team of doctors here has a collective global experience of giving the best of medical care.


A pharmacy is located in the main lobby of the Siddhagiri hospital premises. It is staffed with two full time licensed pharmacists. The pharmacy is 24*7 available for patients and staff.


Spread across 17 acres of land and nestled amidst the serene environment of Siddhagiri Math, the hospital is the perfect 'healthscape' for all the patients and their kins.

Insurance & TPA

We empanelled with almost all of the reputed Insurance Providers like Star Health Insurance, ICICI Lombard and many more. A Third Party Administrator takes care of the hospital bills and other expenses, allowing an individual to take care of their dear ones. List of Insurance Providers

Ambulance Service

Ambulances are equipped with advanced life support systems and carry a doctor on board for cardiac and other life threatening emergencies. SHRC Ambulance provides onsite primary medical care and shifts the Patient to the Nearest Stabilization Center to preserve the Golden Hour.

Facilities at Siddhagiri Hospital






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