गणयन्ति न ये सूर्यं वृष्टिं शीतं च कर्षकाः | यतन्ते सस्यलाभाय तैः साकं हि वसामि अहं ||

Today history is witnessing that a man is in touch with harmful dangerous chemicals. From 1945 2nd World war, usage of chemical pesticides started. This usage rose to such an extent that this dangerous chemicals’ existence is found in each and every animate or inanimate objects around us. Human being is in danger if we see the rising percentage of river pollution and decreasing number of useful bacteria, fishes, birds and animals.

Shri Swamiji initiated the movement of Indian cow based organic farming in Kolhapur district.

The soil quality which was degraded in the start due to excessive usage of chemical pesticides has now become too much fertile. Organic vegetables produced out of it are becoming popular in Kolhapur, Pune and Mumbai due to its richness in nutrient.

Siddhagiri math has accomplished the unbelievable task of yielding over 188 crops in just one acre land at Siddhagiri Math, Kaneri, Kolhapur. Shri Swamiji has given a tangible form to this unique concept. This newly developed unique model of farming has given zeal to marginal land owners/farmers. If a farmer pursues this well planned farming technique instead of getting disappointed due to scarcity of rain, then neither his family members need to search for any other job opportunities nor he requires to search for outside labors to cultivate their own farms. This farming technique has been named as ‘Self-sufficient lakhapati (Master of lacs) farming’ for self-sufficient and proud farmer families. This experiment has proven that more than lacs of rupees can be saved even after calculating all the expenses for a family of 4 members over the period of a year.

The Matha organizes training camps for farmers where they are made aware of the methods and techniques of organic farming.

To preserve the Indian breeds of seeds, seed donation camps are also arranged. Donated seed is intended only for established community and educational groups who will freely share the harvest, and save seed for others in need. Non-profits, schools, community gardens, and educational programs in the country are eligible to receive Siddhagiri seed donations.

Siddhagiri Organic Farming

The farmers do not worry about the heat of the sun or the rain or the cold winters but consistently strive for good harvests. May the almighty indeed live with them.

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